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Survey Key Stakeholders

Gather and maintain key instructional data

Support and Coaching

AlignEd ID – Our instructional database supports observation and analysis of instructional strategies to strengthen the connection between teaching and learning. Use AlignEd ID to measure the implementation of best practices school wide, create data-driven coaching conversations, ensure effective Tier 1 instruction, and increase student achievement!


AlignEd Stakeholder Surveys – Our survey system provides you with ongoing insight to important stakeholder perceptions related to Leadership, Instruction, Assessment, and School Culture. Use AlignEd Stakeholder Surveys to collect, evaluate, and monitor valuable perception data!




"Collaborative Team Coaching has transformed our way of collaborating around instruction. We now have common language, common expectations, and common examples of engaging, rigorous instruction!"

Dave Principal


"InnovationsEd provided systems of support that empowered our teachers to reflect on their individual data."


"I loved the opportunity to observe my colleagues in action! I gained new ideas and felt supported in trying new teaching strategies."

Terry Teacher