Collaborative Team Coaching® Professional Development Series (Teachers, Coaches, Administrators)

Student Engagement

·         Implement strategies for reaching research-based targets for active student engagement

·         Increase formative assessment during direct instruction

·         Provide consistent feedback to students on their academic performance and behavior

·         Reduce classroom management issues and behavior problems

·         Increase learning for all students



·         Increase amount of critical thinking required for students

·         Design rigorous tasks to help students meet rigorous objectives

·         Incorporate critical thinking questions into instruction

·         Align rigor between objectives, questions, tasks, and assessment


Differentiating Instruction

·         Learn more about your students as learners

·         Explore strategies for differentiating instruction based on your students’ learning profiles

·         Offer students authentic choices for showing their learning

·         Increase student motivation to engage in academic tasks

·         Implement differentiated activities and assignments to challenge students at all levels


Project Based Learning

·         Create opportunities for student exploration of real-world problems

·         Challenge students to acquire deeper knowledge of core content

·         Increase student collaboration around solving complex problems

·         Offer students authentic choices for thinking and learning

·         Strengthen students’ skills in reading informational text

·         Utilize formative assessment and rubrics to promote high-quality work


Sheltered Instruction & Dual Immersion

·         Implement research-based strategies for increasing academic and language learning for English Learners and students in dual immersion programs



·         Increase effective writing instruction to support informative and argument writing

·         Calibrate scoring of student writing using common rubrics