Learning Systems

Collaborative Team Coaching®

If teacher practice is to evolve to the level required for quality learning for all students, then teaching practice must shift from a private endeavor to a public one. (Fink & Markholt, 2011).

Across professions (ranging from famous athletes, actors, artists, writers, and high-powered CEOs) successful individuals tend to engage in some form of routine coaching; that is, they receive timely and specific feedback on their practice. Historically, teachers have not engaged in routine coaching.

Enter, Collaborative Team Coaching! With CTC, teachers engage in continuous, classroom-based professional learning in which they observe their colleagues in action, learn how to coach and be coached, and gain expertise across the content.

Please share with us any successes you’ve had in evolving your teaching practice through coaching!

Johanna Mayra, CEO

Innovations Educational Consulting, Inc.