Meet Our Team

Our expert team of consultants has extensive success partnering with Turnaround Schools in multiple states to increase student achievement. With diverse areas of expertise in Educational Leadership, School Culture, Instructional Coaching, and Systematic Assessment, our team customizes improvement plans and provides pivotal Professional Development to meet schools’ specific needs.


Johanna Mayra (Hofmeister)
Specializes in empowering educators to optimize their success. Creator of Collaborative Team Coaching®, she has implemented this professional development model to increase effective Tier 1 Instruction in over 50 Title 1 schools in Utah, Arizona and Hawaii since 2009. Johanna has taught in elementary and secondary settings, served as an instructional coach and district specialist for English Language Learners, supported multiple school turnarounds, and facilitated PD at the state and national level.
Greg Lewis
Specializes in educational leadership, curriculum, instruction, and assessment. He has extensive experience in school turnaround efforts, including mentoring and coaching teachers and administrators. Greg began his career as a science teacher at a high-risk middle school and has continued to work with highly-impacted public schools for over thirty years as a teacher, principal, curriculum director, assessment director, technology director, and adjunct university faculty.
Rachel Nance
Specializes in school turnaround and leadership, participating in Partnership for Leaders in Education with the Darden Business School at University of Virginia for four years. Rachel was recently the administrator of a highly impacted Title I middle school in Salt Lake District where she successfully implemented a School Improvement Grant, a PBIS program which became a state model, restorative justice discipline practices, and a teacher coaching model. Rachel has provided extensive PD and coaching with a focus on equity issues, English language development, and poverty.
Maribel Luengo
Specializes in dual immersion programs and content instruction for ESL students. A native speaker of Spanish, she supports teachers in enabling students to reach their potential in any target language. Maribel started her career as a high school ESL teacher in low performing, highly impacted schools. Over her 25 year career, she has served as director of resource centers in Utah and New Mexico, developed instructional materials, taught Spanish as a second language, and worked as adjunct university faculty, principal and instructional coach.
Mike Dunbar
Specializes in educational leadership and working with high poverty/high minority populations. He is an innovative, forward thinking educator and entrepreneurial minded leader with a track record of success in turning around under-performing secondary schools and successfully opening highly effective schools in urban settings. He has served multiple communities as an aide, teacher, vice principal, principal, program specialist for the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools and as owner of an academic consulting firm.
Wendy Eastman
Specializes in positive behavioral interventions and support (PBIS) for elementary and secondary schools, recently leading PBIS implementation efforts in over 20 inner city schools in Utah. She coaches teachers in the area of classroom management and writing behavior plans for individual students. Though Wendy has worked with children possessing a wide variety of abilities during her 30 year career, the majority of her time was spent as a Coordinator in the Department of Special Education providing professional development on the RTI process, PLC’s, Special Education law and compliance, behavior management, and crisis intervention.
Michael Mayra
Air Force Veteran with over 7 years of procurement, program and contract management. Versed in both commercial and Governmental business operations with an emphasis on contract negotiations and administration. Leverages critical and insightful background knowledge with innovative thinking for win-win business solutions and process optimization.
Kelland Davis

Specializes in differentiated instruction and technology-enhanced classrooms that increase effective teaching and learning. He focuses on strengthening student / teacher relationships and innovative curriculum design to maximize student outcomes and close the achievement gap. Kelland is an advocate of personalizing student learning by blending best practices of the past with technology tools of the future. Kelland believes in “roll up your sleeves” teaching that breaks the mold by focusing on meaningful learning experiences, purposeful intervention and enrichment protocols, and the development of a growth mindset in students and teachers alike.